I don’t know if other people want to see this as much as I do, but I hope Daniel Bryan and Sheamus have a proper Wrestlemania match one day. They got bumped to the preshow one year and had a less than thirty second match another. I think they are both talented and could do a great storyline with a great match.”

Paige’s submission (scorpion cross lock) is so badass!”

Hey Batista when I told you to try to get into my pants I didn’t mean wear them.”

Randy Orton is my favorite wrestler and I could care less what you haters have to say about how he’s rude. All that matters to me is that he was never rude when I met him; it’s all in the attitude of the people approaching him and I say if you’re rude around him then he has every right to be rude right back at you. I couldn’t care less about his personal life and you should too.”

WWE is completely wasting Emma’s talents and it pisses me off. They might as well send her back to NXT.”

"El Torito’s screams are way more intimidating than Brock Lesnar’s!" 

Everything about Lita is perfect. Her cheekbones, her tattoos, her hair. Hell, even her voice. To me, she is the best diva there has been. She’s brave. She takes risks. She’s a badass. And overall a true inspiration to many people including myself.”

I can’t wait to see Lana’s first match!”

"I seriously love how happy and shocked Paige was when she won." 

I was shocked when Paige won the diva’s championship. I feel like the only one who actually was a fan since the beginning of her career, yes I was cheering her on as she won, it did happened fast, but it will create a lot more feuds.”