You probably get this a lot but do you know when and if Evan Bourne will return —meanlilbean

Personally, I don’t think he will return any time soon. He always hints that he’s returning very soon, but that obviously still hasn’t happened after all those times he would hint on Twitter that he would be returning soon.


April 17th — and with 2 notes

Evolution vs Shield is what’s Best for Business.”

I find it weird AJ wasn’t on Raw. I mean, she JUST lost the title that she was completely nuts over, and now she’s just gone. It makes no sense! She should have been freaking out, demanding her rematch. It was completely out of character.”

Is cm punk and aj lee really engaged? —loveelikeewoeee

Yes, they are engaged.


I’m glad that Alicia Fox got an opportunity to shine on Raw against Paige, for once they didn’t book her in a squash/quick match and she had a great showing. This needs to happen more often because i feel she’s the most underrated diva on the roster right now.”

"I’m happy that Layla could get a bigger push being with Fandango, to be honest, I actually like her dancing with him me than Summer Rae."

I don’t understand why so many people dislike Bo Dallas, I find him very entertaining and fun to watch in the ring. Yes, he does have a tendency to sound whiny on the mic, but it’s just part of his character. I am a BOliever!”

I’m very worried Damien Sandow will wind up on WWE’s “Where Are They Now?” section within a year. (Although, I do think he’d make a great motivational speaker or non-profit organization spokesperson.)” 

That divas match with alicia fox and paige was awesome alicia fox really showed why she should be in the running for divas match and both really showed what they were made of”

I listen to WWF, WCW, and WWE theme songs when I work out. I’m a cream puff, but I feel more AMPED when I do.”