"It truly made me cringe reading Mick Foley’s long Facebook post DEFENDING The Bella Twins. The fact that he praised AJ’s promo, but cancelled it out with a BUT to prove his point that she was wrong about The Bellas. Why Mick Foley respects them I’ll never understand. They took a huge shit all over the industry by explaining their job as “getting to travel around the world for free and get paid for it”. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; the two have nothing and add nothing special to the Diva’s division. You can easily tell the two apart, so I don’t see their purpose anymore. The fact that he said THEY were the missing puzzle piece the division needed made me sick. I didn’t know awful acting and botched monkey flips made you a fantastic WWE Diva."

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    I don’t find them great wrestlers, They kinda suck at talking, but you’ve gotta have bitches on the Divas division,...
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    I was pretty shocked by Foley when he defended them.
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    WRESTLING IS FAKE. AJ’S PROMO WAS SCRIPTED. Mick was talking about Nicole and Brianna Garcia, not their in-ring...
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    Mick Foley knows 100x more than you about this business. Reality TV is scripted. They probably play gold-digging,...
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